Service, design, & restoration of prized audio equipment


A brief history of our origin:

Northridge Electronics opened our doors in 1983 in Northridge, California. at 19431 Business Center Drive.  Initially, we started off as an exclusive service center with Polara to service and overhaul their telephone and car stereo products nationwide. We then extended our reach into servicing Toki satellite products to exclusively maintain their satellite products throughout the whole country. In tandem over the years, we have been authorized service centers for ADCOM,  Aiwa,  Akai,  ARCAM, Bang & Olufsen, Carver, Celestion, Concord, Denon, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Integra, JBL, Kardon, KEF, Kenwood, Kyocera, Luxman,  Onkyo, Marantz, McIntosh, Mitsubishi, NAD, NEC,  Parasound, Proton, PSB, Quad, Rotel, Sony, TEAC, and Yamaha.  From tubes to solid state, our experience in servicing sophisticated audio components is now second to none. Whether your amplifier is class A, AB, C, D, G, or H, we have the experience and knowledge to repair them all. If you are in need of servicing, modifying, or restoring classic audio components, we believe we can be an asset to your needs